Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Here we go again....

Wow, what a day it has been!  Started around 1am this morning getting sick thanks to some food I ate last night, but felt better by the time I woke up.  Took an extra half hour getting around and getting to work, but the shorter lunch was well worth it!

I am still in awe over God's gifts... just when you think that one little star is just out of reach, God brings another star closer to you, which, it turns out, if of far greater value than the star you had been reaching for!  God chooses his own time, his own way, to provide for us.  Sometimes we just have to stop and listen, and yes, even be PATIENT.  Really hard sometimes!

Allen should be home again for part of this weekend and then be on the road again for what I estimate to be about two weeks.  It makes our time together that more special and of higher quality.  In fact, yesterday was our 7th wedding anniversary!  We have truly been blessed in these seven years with many, many things, including our two wonderful kids!  I am looking forward to many more happy years together!

I received an email today that brought tears to my eyes.  You see, when Melody was born, she had a hole in her heart.  Thankfully, there was no surgery or medication needed, but she did need to be monitored by the specialist during the first year.  After her one-year checkup, the hole was healed (THANK GOD) but I was reminded again today how precious a gift a child is!  I received an e-flier about a 2-year old getting ready for her fourth heart surgery due to three deformities, and my heart wept.  They are getting ready to go out to Boston for this next surgery, and I pray God will guide the hands, instruments, and hearts of the surgeons, nurses, and any other person who may come in contact with this little precious girl!  I also pray for the family's finances, friendships, and safe travels as they will be out there between 2 weeks and 2 months.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

First-Time Blogger

Keep in mind I have never blogged before and I am in need of a full night's rest (hoping Michael doesn't wake me up again tonight).  In any fashion...
This morning I was reminded how impatient I can be at times.  While we were getting ready for church I found myself wishing our kids would listen and do as I asked.  It was only after I stepped back and took a calming breath that I could honestly enjoy what was going on.  Yes, ENJOY running behind.  How many more times will I have these precious moments with the family?  After all, having a four-year-old and a 2-year-old isn't easy.  It gets pretty busy (especially working full-time while my husband frequently travels out of state) but having them around is a pure and honest joy!  A true blessing from God!  Yes, it's true they don't always mind, but how many kids that young do you know mind well?

We tried a new church this morning again, which seems to have become the norm lately.  We are trusting God to lead us to where He would have us be at this point in life's journey.  We have certainly met some wonderul people along the way and have seen some we haven't seen for a while!  Either way, it's great to see the many different ways He is praised!  I also find it very refreshing to be in His word among other believers from different churches.  I think sometimes when we have gone to one church for such a long time we often find ourselves 'fitting in' simply because we are comfortable.  I know this is how I felt when I was younger; it was difficult to give up basically the only church I had ever known.  Once I did, though, I found out there was much more than I thought I knew!  It's amazing how that one transition can lead into so many new paths!  It was after this transition I came to know some dear, close friends with whom I could confide in and be myself, and actually found out there was Christian music on the radio, not just the Hymn book!  Simple, I know, but it also led me to my husband and allowed me to use my musical gifts for God! 

I am trusting God will continue to show me more opportunities as we search for a church as a family.  I thank Him for the many blessings he has brought to my family, and I praise him through the difficult times.  He is truly an AWESOME God!

Until next time....